You have been looking for us (Part 7)

After a while, I ultimately found her. Crouched to a tight knot on a side street, trembling, crying, gasping for air, unable to speak. In the dark shadows of the bushes opposite the street I noticed a hunchbacked creature lurking, waiting to prey on a troubled person in despair.

“Oi, lollipop!,” I shouted, “There’s nothing for you here to find, move along,” I hissed and demonstrated my blinky white tipped fangs. The creature retreated.

As words failed Amy, I looked into her mind and saw what happened to her. Something at the club triggered one of her utterly sinister memories to emerge, torturing her to relive those same moments of her past over and over again within seconds.

“Amy, look at me,” I tried to command her. Slowly Amy raised her head and I could connect deeply with her eyes. “You are Amy. You are Amy Black. You are right here and not where your mind brought you. You will never have to go through that again.”

“Easier said than done,” Amy sobbed in despair.

“Come on sweetie, lets get you back home for now, alright?” I suggested comfortingly.

Amy nodded as warm tears uncontrollably ran down her cheeks.

I grabbed Amy into my arms and rushed back to her place in light speed. At the same time, I notified Horatio. He was already waiting at the front door of Amy’s place when I arrived with her. I refrained from running too fast with smitten Amy in my arms. We let her open the doors and sat her onto her sofa. She could hardly stop sobbing. Suddenly she appeared to almost vomit. Horatio and I made some space for her to run to the bathroom, but it didn’t come to that. Instead, Amy hurled forwards onto all fours on the floor, gasping for air and almost vomiting at the same time. The malicious panic had completely taken over her and if we had not known better, one would have easily suggested she was possessed by a demon, which she was, in fact, not.

Horatio patiently sat down in front of her, looking at her calmly as help seeking eyes met his glance.

“I can take all those memories away from you, if you desire. But those experiences have shaped you. If I took all of it from you, your life may be very different. You may loose what has shaped your very self. It may as well profoundly affect your creativity. You may not have it anymore afterwards or at least not to that extent. It would be a shame if the world lost such a talented artist. You would be like a newborn baby who has barely made any experiences in life, which is ultimately no guarantee that nothing similar would happen to you later on. Some things are bound to happen, as deviant it may sound.”

Amy fought with herself on the floor, starting to believe she would die at any second.

“Alternatively, I can take your pain away. Your pain is what blocks you to live your live, to live your creativity to the fullest and to live the life of the person you really are,” Horatio offered.

Amy nodded in despair. She did not want to feel all that pain anymore which would cause her such distress on a recurrent basis.

Horatio looked deep into her eyes again and said: “You may not have had too many positive experiences with humans in the past. Rest assured that I am not here to harm to you. I am going to help you. All the pain you have ever felt is gone. All the pain with such an impact on your life due to your past experiences does not matter to you anymore. Pain is becoming a worthless emotion to you. Whatever has caused you all this pain on your soul is disappearing. Today was a bad day. Know that the tomorrows will be bettered. With each day passing, your pain will ease further and instead allow you to be your true authentic painless self who can start to enjoy life to the fullest. No one is ever going to harm you like that anymore. I am personally going to watch out for you. You are free. You are free from the pain other humans have ever caused you.”

Within a few seconds Amy calmed down, sat down on her sofa and her eyes magically started to brighten, even to shimmer.

“Thank you, Horatio. I feel tremendously relieved. I finally feel like I can breathe,” Amy sighed alleviated.

It was just one life them Horatio mended on that day. More lives we intend to improve as we are telling our memories to Amy, whom we’ve entrusted to publish our very own memoirs.

– Layla. Missed the beginning? Follow up parts 1, 2, 345 and 6 straight away!

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The Vampyre Memoirs - Bohemian Rhapsodies
The Vampyre Memoirs – Bohemian Rhapsodies

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