You have been looking for us (Part 6)

I turned around to Amy and looked deep into her eyes. “Us ladies are going to dress up for an amazing evening. We’ll invite you for dinner and then we’re just going out dancing anywhere you like. You are not alone. You will not fear anything outside,” I bedazzled her.

Amy slowly blinked. “I will go out and have dinner with you. Then we’ll go dancing. I will not fear anything outside.”

“That’s my girl. Right, let’s have a look into your closet. I saw some images of you here in the living room. You’ve been modelling you?” I asked her curiously.

“I actually have, but I haven’t in a while, because of …,” Amy muttered. She obviously missed those times as her eyes wandered off into distant memories of the past excitements she had as a model.

“You must have gorgeous clothes dresses in your closet. I am sure we are going to find something suitable for you tonight. I will do your make-up and your hair,” I proposed energetically to motivate her.

Amy was immediately excited and showed me her wardrobe in her bedroom. As us ladies bumbled in the wardrobe finding clothes, Horatio got bored and insisted we’d show him all possible outfits.

A few he did not quite agree with. Either he thought it was too modest, showing too much and ultimately he got lost in Amy’s closet grabbing bits and pieces as if they literally fell in his hand to assemble a perfect goth outfit which was neither too kinky nor too overdone so Amy could easily pass any receptionist at any restaurant and be dressed for any night we might have chosen.

“Your closet is full trinkets. But it is a treasure chest at the same time,” Horatio mentioned with a smirk.

Horatio put on a topcoat he magically made appear out of nowhere, linked arms with us ladies and off we were at first to a Japanese restaurant indulging ourselves in sushi.

Afterwards, we sought out a gothic night club and within no time Amy owned the dance floor. One could hardly miss that she had not enjoyed herself in a very long time. One song after another she danced with Horatio and me in turns until at some point no one knew what happened. It may have been just a particular line of a song, a distant tune, a remote smell or even a wraithlike face she saw.

Of a sudden Amy simply froze in the middle of the dance floor and stumbled backwards, gasping in panic.

Before Horatio and I got a glimpse of what was happening, Amy disappeared into thin air. Instantly we searched every corner of the club to find her, but Amy was not to be found. We went outside and parted ways to see if we could find her in either direction wherever she might have gone.

– To be continued with part 7… Missed the beginning? Follow up parts 1, 2, 34  and 5 straight away!

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The Vampyre Memoirs - Bohemian Rhapsodies
The Vampyre Memoirs – Bohemian Rhapsodies


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