You have been looking for us (Part 5)

Horatio looked at me with a stern glance. ‘Layla, we cannot help what happened. We have tried to help humans so often in just the smallest ways, it has not brought humanity any further,’  he thought.

‘Maybe not then, but excuse that I do feel responsible. If we only had gotten rid of that bastard any earlier… It is not her fault what happened to her and she deserves a good life like anybody else does in this world,’ I thought.

“Amy, can you write?” I asked.

“Of course, I can. Who cannot write?” Amy replied.

“I meant less writing as itself like putting down letters which combine into words. Did you not mention you are creative?”

“I actually am. I have been painting in the past but also do enjoy graphic design among writing stories if not writing something exciting for my blogs focusing on veganism or allergies,” Amy honestly said and got up in an instant to show us her paintings and further works which were highly interesting with their multiple interpretations. She’s even had the habit of hiding something in her works, one has to look closely to gather each work entirely.

“That’s fantastic. I have got an idea. We are telling you what happened back then and other stuff throughout your human history. You are writing it down and put it into a book,” I suggested spontaneously.

‘Layla!’ Horatio stared even more severe at me, talking with me in our tethered thoughts, ‘we have to have a council meeting before we go ahead with this idea. Our siblings must agree before you go much further with this suggestion.’

‘Then we will meet our siblings for a council meeting and discuss the idea. Before Amy actually puts it into a book and possibly publishes it, we will agree on it. If we don’t, we take the writings and bedazzle her, simple as. We have to come out of the coffin at some point and even if we are mere observers of human history with all the complications induced by lesser evolved humans, they have to know or at least be hinted to the truth to finally evolve.’  I assumed.

‘I hate to admit it, but as it is often the case, you are right. And if we all can agree on it that she may publish the book, what then?’ Horatio pondered.

This human lady has been through enough. Let her have the profits of any sales. We have enough funds. She doesn’t have anything as you can see. And she won’t be able to get out of her predicament anytime soon. She has not deserved such a fucked up life. Her life is shorter than ours. Let’s assist her in turning her life into something amazing and glamorous, so she can be able to enjoy it as much as she can as long it may last,’  I thought.

Amy sat by and looked a little puzzled as Horatio and I exchanged slightly emotional glances with each other.

“I am still here, too,” Amy cleared her throat.

“Sorry, Amy, we didn’t mean to…” Horatio silently said.

“Why don’t we just get dressed up and have an amazing day. Let’s go out, have some fun,” I proposed.

“I can’t go outside much. I am agoraphobic,” Amy admitted quietly.


– To be continued with part 6… Missed the beginning? Follow up parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 straight away!

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The Vampyre Memoirs - Bohemian Rhapsodies
The Vampyre Memoirs – Bohemian Rhapsodies

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