You have been looking for us (Part 4)

… My name is Layla and this is my twin brother Horatio.”

“Nice to meet you,” the young woman shook hands with me. “Amy. My name is Amy.”

“We have known that already, but nice to meet you, Amy,” Horatio replied. “And I am deeply sorry for what happened to you. Humans often react so unreasonably and as a consequence thereof they hurt other people to such an extent like it is present with you. They have a high tendency to destroy lives. Our brother Tethapi has been suffering especially under the influence of humans in this world a couple of years ago. My sister is an empath, she can feel what you feel. She can feel what others feel. It has often been not as easy on her either to live in this world.”

“I also often feel what others feel,” Amy admitted.

“You are one of them,” I remarked surprised.

“One of who?” Amy enquired.

“Never mind, don’t worry,” I quickly replied.

“Well, considering it is not easy to manage the emotions of others with my own emotions on top of it, I struggle to accept it. Often have I desired to simply block that ability, it probably worked for a short while until it did not anymore for some reason and I was overwhelmed,” Amy explained.

“Nothing is easy, but believe me, you humans can do even more, if you only opened your mind a little further. You have a very open mind, though. But your life has been made so complicated by nutters like those you met in your life, that it appears easier to drown in the eminently negative,” I added.

“You have made experiences with other things in this world, haven’t you?” Horatio asked curiously. “May I ask what that may have been considering you have not met vampyres in the past or not that you consciously knew it? Where are you from?”

“I’m from Laria,” Amy replied as a matter of course.

Horatio and I paused, sharing thoughts with each other.

“Laria? That small town at the Harz mountains?” I asked almost in disbelief.

“Yes, that very small town Laria,” Amy replied.

“Oh, my… I’m so sorry for you. We have known that town for a while,” I added.

“You have?” Amy asked bewildered.

“It used to be a nice small town some centuries ago, but them… May I ask where exactly you lived here,” Layla wondered.

“I grew up in the centre of the town and lived there for some twenty years,” Amy answered.

“Opposite your house was not coincidentally an old brick wall?” Horatio enquired further.

“Not as I know it. But I saw some photographs of the past decades in my gram’s photo album which definitely showed an old brick wall just opposite the house. It is not there anymore, though. I think it got torn down in the 1970s or something to make space for a new house,” Amy defined.

Layla and Horatio looked at each other immediately.

“Have you made any experiences with ghosts?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, yes. Right in that house where I grew up in. However, I have not been the only one who saw presences of another plane. And I do know of someone else who lived in one of those old houses and made very similar experiences. I tried to do some research on the house itself, but I found nothing about the house I grew up in or any other places in the area priorly to 1890 for some reason. I am convinced something bad must have happened or maybe nothing could be found because of one of the hazardous fires back then,” Amy expounded.

“We know what happened. And it explains a lot why so much was bloody fucked up in your life as if you were a magnet for the unfortunate,” I commented tardily.

– To be continued at part 5… Missed the beginning? Follow up parts 1, 2 and 3 straight away!

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The Vampyre Memoirs - Bohemian Rhapsodies
The Vampyre Memoirs – Bohemian Rhapsodies

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