You have been looking for us (Part 3)

“Indeed, we are, as you can see. You must have made some experiences with your so-called unknown in the past for you to believe that all the lores about whatever else may be dwelling on this planet are in fact very real and not much of another fairy tale,” I openly mentioned. “You are unusually open-minded as well, not frightened by us at all,” Horatio added.

“I have seen worse, one cannot surprise me anymore,” the young woman replied.

I looked closer at the young woman as if I was looking into her head, scorching through her memories. What I saw, shocked me and demonstrated further abysses of the human kind. The young woman was already beaten as a child, by her own parents, also both at the same time. I felt the pain she had at that point and heard the remnants of her screams in her mind. If that had only been all of what she saw. At school bullied and even nearly killed. Pupils laid a scarf around her neck from the back as she was studying and pulled her backwards with it. She was a strong one to immediately react and pull the scarf off her neck to the front as she struggled to breathe. Laughter hung in the background. Then I saw how she sat in a bus as a young girl and a group of bald people threatened her with a knife. Through the memorised glance of the young woman, she saw how people on the same bus kept on turning their heads around towards her but did nothing. Later I just heard screams of pain when someone grabbed her by the throat in a car, strangling her. At next she saw a different memory. A guy whose fist ran into her mouth. In her memories, I saw an x-ray showing multiple fractures in her upper jaw. I felt all the quarrels she had with that case, which obviously went to court. Years of struggle had been behind her, caused by the painful unrest. I felt all the pain that the young woman has ever felt. And there was even more hidden in her unconscious memories, which hasn’t yet pushed through the surface of her consciousness. It was an overwhelming pain, barely allowing her to be alive. I could not prevent a bloody tear squelching out of the corner of my eye, running down her in astonishment frozen face.

“I understand what you have been through,” I told the lady said comfortingly. “You must have been through hell.”

“Through hell and back again. I assume you just allowed yourself to peek into my memories. At least I don’t have to tell it all over again. I am sick of it,” the young woman snorted. “My research and my creativity are one of my ways to try to cope and distract myself from the most obvious to have at least a few good moments. To be honest, I often played with the thought of ending my pain by ending my life, but my cats gave me a reason not to. They have kept me alive, no matter what else happened. And as long I am here, I am trying to fill my available time with anything peeking my interest considering I have been unable to work,” she elaborated.

“My deepest apologies,” I threw in, “we have not introduced ourselves….

– To be continued at part 4. Missed part two and even part one? Read them here.

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The Vampyre Memoirs - Bohemian Rhapsodies
The Vampyre Memoirs – Bohemian Rhapsodies

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