You have been looking for us (Part 1)

It was just another one of those early afternoons after disturbing madness at day and night haunted by flashbacks when she laid stretched out on the sofa, energetically completely drained of the emotional response to her triggers. She just laid there, staring at the screen of her laptop in order to distract herself with some TV-series, which has always been her way of calming down and rebalancing herself to somehow keep on floating on the river of life.

Apparently, it was a windy day as a ghostly draught eerily spooked the hallway of her house. As the drought worsened, her door was insanely rattling as if someone tried to get in. Slowly she went to her door and put her ear to it, listening into the draught if there were any other rattling doors in the house. No other door was rattling though. Maybe it just concerned her own door in the older building. She decided to examine the hallway for any left open windows. At first, she checked the front door of the house inhabited by several tenants, if someone had left that open, which could have been one main source of the terrible draught in the hallway. However, the front door was closed. Subsequently, she dragged herself up and down the entire stairway to check for any open windows. None of the windows was left open. But even more strangely it was to her not to notice any of the extreme draughts in the hallway at all when she checked everything from top to bottom. She went back into her apartment, prepared another cup of tea on the grey and a rather rainy day and went back into the living room.

Not long after, the draught reemerged and the rattling at her door began all over again. This time it was even more intense. She sat back up and only thought: “What the fuck?”

Something seemed to slide on the slick floor in front of the door as if some sort of sand was spreading on the floor. Frowning she got back up and checked her door again.

The salt line she sprinkled under the doorframe when she moved in a year ago was gently flowing with a light breeze into her apartment. As the flowing salt came to a halt with the temporarily dropping draught, the salt created slight outlines of a bat on her floor. She could hardly believe her own eyes and looked more closely at what demonstrated itself in front of her. The salt lines did not only create outlines of a stylised bat, but they also appeared to show letters. The letters looked like a K, an I and two S – ‘KISS’.

The rattling at the door started again, this time even worse. She could have sworn there was someone at the door pulling the doorknob in angry despair in order to get in. Of a sudden, the rattling stopped and it got dead silent. A distant knock on the door followed.

She did not expect anyone coming by on that day and wondered anxiously who was knocking on her door. Neither was she particularly keen on spontaneous visitors, like always. A reluctant glance through the peephole showed her two strangers. A young man with a young woman of about the same age, waiting for her to reply.

“Seriously, Jehova’s Witnesses? Again?” she wondered. They only recently paid her an unexpected visit, which she enjoyed, however, when she could pick on their desperate attempts to convince her that humans did not evolve from apes, but instead from the holy Jesus.

Hesitatingly, she opened the door to a small a slit so that only one of her eyes could peek through.

“Yes,” she muttered shyly and yet crisp.

“You have been looking for us,” the lady said.


– To be continued at part 2

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