Who is frying your brain?

Last week my sister Layla told about the story how we met Wolf as his pack was threatened by an idiotic human, who preyed on ‘unusual’ creatures in order to imprison them, show them to the people and ultimately earning a few good coins to get rich. The story did not quite end after we freed one female of his pack, who was tucked into a cage on a carriage, apparently suffering severe injuries, while waiting to get driven around by the person who took her. The carriage stood outside a cabin in the middle of the woods. Of course, we did not only free the captured being.

The captured wolf creature appeared highly irritated and utterly unable to communicate. Irregularly, parts of her body transformed back into a wolf shape, but she wouldn’t completely alter. At the first glance, it appeared to be a common side effect of suffering shock and severe injuries, but we couldn’t see any severe injuries on her. When she sat down in the cold snow and Wolf tried to take care of her, I noticed strange markings on her neck. I drew in closer to her, carefully moved her hair to the side and found more small dot-like markings, which looked like burns. It gave me an assumption who or let’s say what it was that captured her.

I slowly walked towards the door of the cabin. It opened with an eerie squeak. As I walked in, a fireplace was lit, a person sat on a stool in front of it. It was the same guy we saw at the tavern earlier, who was capturing different beings in order to get rich. I remembered he ran away with quite some profound injuries as we helped the wolves to defend themselves of the mad humans. He was not bleeding anymore, though. I slowly moved around to see him from the front and caught a coincidental reflection of his face in a small window on the opposite side. The reflection showed his true face, he was no other human. His reflection showed a rotten face. It was his real face. There are only a few beings in this world whose true appearance is shown like a rotten face in a reflection – those demonic brain wraiths who nurture themselves of particular brain substances in order to live and literally fry one’s brain. Thus, he would not only have captured Otherkin creatures for the entertainment of the human masses but also for his own secured brainfood plus personal gain through enrichment. If Otherkin creatures have fallen victim to this kind of creature, they would be left not only utterly irritated as if they had developed the end stage of dementia from one day to another combined with hallucinations. Due to their irritability, they would be left unable to control to transform into the creature they are any longer. I.e., in the case of a werewolf, the werewolf would uncontrollably transform into the wolf shape, but instead transforming completely, only a few body parts, such as a leg or an arm would transform. Brain wraiths were found to gather a higher nutritional value by feeding on brain substances of Otherkins. They would, of course, also take their likening in human brains. The only difference is, when they got their ‘hands’ on human brains, they would only be left highly irritated and unwillingly unable to think for themselves. That does in turn invite a brain wraith to return for further meals.

I drew in closer to the creature and as soon I stood directly at the opposite of it, it made its craving for my brain well known with a sudden smack on its lips. Its fingers elongated and turned into a kind of tentacles. At the end of the tentacles were small suckers, which would leave the burn marks around one’s head after it’d be done with one. It got up and prepared itself for a fight with me. Unexpectedly, Wolf came running into the cabin and put himself in his wolf shape directly in front of the brain wraith. The brain wraith didn’t hesitate and immediately grabbed the head of Wolf with its tentacles, starting his feeding process. On the wall, I noticed a hanging axe. I focused my mind on that axe and made just a small hand movement to loosen it from its tight hold on the wall and sent it flying straight through the throat of the brain wraith with my telekinetic skills. Wolf screamed and instantly transformed into his human shape.

“That was close,” he panted.

“I would say, we have to stop meeting like this. Your sense of defending your kind as well those who have helped you unprejudiced is remarkable. You are welcome, my friend,” I replied calmly and lent him a hand to get up.

We have not come across any further brain wraiths in the past two centuries, I dare to assume, we managed to rid the world of those. Yet I do notice a very similar effect of brain wraiths on you humans. Each one of you has this particular magical box in his room, which shows you moving images. You stare at it all day and simply believe anything that it shows you. You are convinced, any moving images shown to you, are true images of what is happening around the world. Some may be, some are not. The same goes for these little pad-like inventions you carry around with all day. You are hooked on what those smart inventions show you, you are hooked on seeing what someone and the mother of someone’s mother comment on another funny kitten video. You have become enslaved to those modern inventions and largely unwilling to think straight for yourself. It has made you welcomingly vulnerable to be ignited with fear, hate and plain idiocy for those who literally fry your brain with high volumes tweaked information to make you fear and hate unreasonably more.

– Horatio

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