The Mass Panic

Most emotional responses stem simply from fear. But what is one actually afraid of?

A fear is created in your subconscious after you made a negative experience with a certain situation, which may even be that extremely negative that you simply panicked or a panic is created in your subconscious as a response to the experience you made in a particular situation. A panic is often an emotional response to a traumatising event, where you feared for your life for some reason. You are at least deep inside of you literally paralysed, leaving you unable to react and trapped in that extreme fear. I have made my own experiences with such events, unfortunately, like I also partly describe in our first book ‘The Vampyre Memoirs – Bohemian Rhapsodies’ as I was faced with a particular character and feared returning to the long lasting experience in the plain utter darkness he sent me to.

It does take a while until your conscience and even longer for your sub conscience to give that particular event which burnt the panic into your soul less meaning, which is completely understandable also for human victims of mad violence. It is a kind of protection mode running on auto-pilot in order to protect yourself, which can grow fast into an overly protective program that does not serve you much and instead constrains your actual possibilities. On the other hand, you humans easily turn to panic when something unexpected happens or you face a situation without having a similar experience of a comparable situation in the past. It was quite funny to see how Great Britain panicked this morning as it broke the news that the monarchy was calling in an emergency meeting with their staff. Everyone wondered what the emergency meeting would be about, fear came to pass concerning the wellbeing of the Queen and her husband. Some probably panicked they would retire the entire monarchy, even though the Queen does little to lead her country. Then you humans panic about potential threats like the encounter with aliens or also with us vampyres.

I am wondering what exactly you fear in order to panic when you would actually meet a vampyre or even a werewolf or an alien. You probably only learnt to panic after watching specific movies, which display any being, that is different to you humans as a malicious threat which would cost your life instantly. Have you already met an alien who told you his friends were coming to take over planet earth and destroy all life? Have you already met a vampyre or a werewolf who was about to kill you? No? How do you want to be sure that this ‘uncertain’ other being would actually impose a deathly threat to you before getting to know it and without a close observation? What do you expect to learn in your life if you limit yourself to know only what you already know (which may even be false)?

– Layla

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