The Green Blanket

Over the course of our lives, we have seen quite a few civilisations of you humans come and go. Each civilisation was unique in itself, but then of a sudden despite being highly developed, they simply disappeared. On one day, you may find their remnants of their once precious culture and ponder what has happened to them. You collect further remains from their ruins to study and showcase at museums for other humans to learn of those diminished cultures. Yet, no one ever learns of them despite facts as to what their spiritual beliefs were, what they ate, how they might have governed themselves, if they were able to get a glimpse of the time and astronomic features, whom they traded with and with which currency. So far you have gloriously failed to understand that each past civilisation was basically not much different to yours today.

The sole difference is humans have developed technology to a much higher level that enables humans to fly to the moon and circumvent the earth. You have the technology for clean energy to lessen a further pollution of your only habitat, but there are some countries who try their best to avoid the implementation of these technologies. Why? Because it is not profitable to them. They rather dare to drill further holes in the ground to get more oil, despite the oil resources are coming to an end, but oil is a profitable business at least. You do know of other alternatives, instead of taking advantage of the sun or the wind, you rather build ticking time bombs to provide you with electricity. You could have developed and made use of many more advanced technologies, but instead, you rather rage war with other countries since wars are profitable with the sales of weapons and humans tend to be even more effective at developing more enhanced technologies when they are at war. Which additional enhanced technologies or ideas do you end up during wars? Only technologies to destroy the habitat of others and yourselves more. The day will come on which your own habitat, your planet, will be uninhabitable once again, especially since you have discovered technology that could easily destroy the habitat of the entire planet. You already poison your own soil on which you grow your own food, ultimately poisoning yourself. To what end? You poison the air you breathe. You poison the water you drink. Like previously mentioned, you do have a high tendency to destroy yourselves. But why are you even alive then? The sense of living can hardly be to destroy yourself.

The reason civilisations disappeared has always been the same one: one dogmatic greedy human, who has managed to put hundreds and thousands of people under his spell, wanted to have everything. The result was and has always been that in the end, no one ends up with anything. If you have not managed to destroy your own culture or civilisation, you have successfully managed to destroy other folks or at least brought them to the brink of disappearance, often these people may have had an appreciation for technological enhancements, but they never lost their appreciation of nature. The most famous example you know of in this regard would be Native Americans.

Nature is the blanket that covers you with warmth, with food, supplies to build a home and even remedies. Take a blanket tonight, go outside at least into a park, but better yet, visit a hill or simply the largest nature area you can find covered with grass and flowers nearby some woods maybe. Sit down, listen to the sounds of nature, watch the starlit sky. Are you able to cover yourself with nature?

– Layla

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