Long time, no see

Dear Fangbangers,

You did not actually assume we disappeared into a mysterious void? We are still there, hidden in your shadows.

Have you wondered if we were never to surface again to tell you more stories of our lives and respectively yours? Should that be the case, you are bloody wrong.

Since we have agreed to assist in an ongoing secret mission, we have been unable to relay any further anecdotes of our rather unusual lives on a more continuous basis. Over the course of time, we had to relocate our writer several times to other safe locations. We may be able to talk about what we have gotten involved with, however, it is not possible at present. Hence, we have to ask for your patience in this matter.

In the meantime, I have started to relay one story of my life to our dear writer you may look forward to reading soon. As I have time, I shall continue to do so. Believe me, she is quite as keen on that story as well. A little hint: it involves the Ripper murders and the Titanic as well as the company of my pirate friend, who also is a vampyre. You may receive short passages as a preview until the book is finalised.

Buckle your seatbelts,


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